Wednesday, November 01, 2006

To Boldly Go........

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the launch of the Blog "These Thoughts Escape Me", formerly "Dances with Leaves", freshly overhauled and ready to boldly go where no blog has ever gone before. Fully equipped with new bells and whistles, but with the same award winning content (we'll, they DID say it was in the mail), "Escape" will pick up the gauntlet laid down by two years of honest reporting and straight-to-the-point commentary as only her Captain, THE Michael, can provide. I want to thank my team, Me, Myself, and I, for all their hard work and inspiration, and all those fellow bloggers who provided me with the encouragement and inspiration that has kept this ship flying. So, have a glass of champaign, have at it with the noisemakers and streamers, as the PHP* Escape slips her bonds and dances with the stars!

This will be my last post on "Dances". Thank you for your patronage, and please bookmark the new blog, keeping this one in case nostalgia drags you back to enjoy some old classics. I don't know if Blogger will maintain the old blogs forever, so hopefully I'll figure out a way to transfer my archives over to the new one if it should become necessary.

*Pendragon Hold Productions