Sunday, October 22, 2006

Just in case you thought I couldn't post something positive........

Good want some good news for a change? You got it.

Believe it or not, there is an actual PERSON running for governor in Texas, that oversized state that is so full of itself it's considering annexing mexico to make room for it's spreading suburbs. If there's anything Texas is famous for, it's annexation. Houston gobbled up every bedroom community around it, whether their citizens wanted to join or not, until it consumed the entire county. Watch out Dallas, you ain't that far away. Anyway, back to this individual who dared think an ordinary, albeit eccentric, person could possibly get elected to the office of governor. His name is Kinky Friedman, his chief claim to fame being the once lead singer of the band entitled, of course, Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jew-boys. Yes, he's Jewish, and I honestly think he could care less. Matter of fact, he could care less what race you are, because if he can find anything to lampoon you on, he will. Kinky worships no sacred cows. Of course, this places Kinky in the category of being "politically incorrect", but judging from what being "correct" in politics has done for this country, that might be an enviable position to be in, all things considered. His opponents are all so "correct" it just makes your average joe want to vomit. Who knows, since politics as usual is the condition we all are suffering from, the likes of Kinky Friedman just might be the cure.

Go HERE and give Kinky a visit.

China finally got ticked off enough at Kim, Young, and Ill, that they sent someone over to the palace and told him something scary enough to make him say he was sorry about setting off that nuclear device and that maybe we could all kiss and make up. Something tells me that Sam Walton told the party leaders he would allow them a smaller cut of his low, low prices if they didn't scratch that itch. Bob knows nothing Bush could ever say would make a difference.

Oh, and I DID come across this cool item concerning the composting of hotel-generated waste, which primary is being used in the Napa Valley to grow grapes. We throw away so much stuff, burying it in landfills, burning it, when so much of it can be recycled, reducing the strain on our natural resources and even providing economic growth as a new and beneficial industry begins to take off. The only reason that such beneficial alternative approaches to our problems such as solar and wind energy, recycling, composting, and green construction techniques are not up to speed and replacing the status quo is that the money people are usually to dense to see just how profitable doing the right thing can really be. Well, Marriot is seeing green in sustainability, and maybe they can set a good example for all these other greedy capitalists who are to lazy or to insensitive to try and be part of the solution rather than being the problem.

Check out the story HERE


Buffalo said...

Kinky is probably more famous as an author. If you haven't read any of his scribbles you should give it a try. He is one, crazy dude - and that don't make him bad.

I knew China was going to spank N.K. There was no way they were going to let them interfere with business.

When you threaten to bitch slap someone you need to have the ass to back it up. China does. The U.S. doesn't.

Miss Cellania said...

That reminds me, I need to go take the compost bucket and the fireplace ashes out to the compost pile. I've had apartments smaller than my compost heap! But its worth it when I can grow tomatoes in an area that used to be all clay.

Homo Escapeons said...

Well there you go.
Kinky is a hoot eh? I have seen him interviewed on a number of shows and that bigger than life texanism is alive and well.
Does he really have a chance....

Sam Walton! Ha you are probably right on this one...I think that the Chinese just use the Bad Koreans as pawns and gauge world opinion by making Lil Kim do assinine things and observing the responses from the real world.
Right now the NEW leader is purging the system of the OLD leaders cronies..sound familiar..and they are making examples of corrupt officials..with death sentences and terms of life in prison.
China has processed 17000 cases of corruption this year!!!!!!
The USA hasn't processed 17000 cases of ANYTRHING in the last fifty years!!!

Maybe all of those endless appeals need a second look..although it would make it hard to sustain 2500 billable hours per year for partners if they couldn't appeal the right to appeal the last 5 appeals after the a couple of mistrials.

Your legal system is completely intercoursed!

R. said...

Composting waste is a good thing to do. I've considered what it would take to a) Compost vegetable waste to produce CO2 and methane. b) Bubble the C02 and methane through algae vats in a greenhouse. The algae use the CO2 and other waste matter. The methane bubbles to the top into a collector. c) Use the methane for cooking or heating water. d) Harvest the algae for biodiesel. e) Use the compost in the garden. f) Repeat, adding extra mass to the system as necessary.

littleone said...

(peeking in - remember me??)

i have always believed in and done the green bit...... i even went so far as to buying HUGE reuseable shopping bags for my grocerie trips...... now i am running into a problem.. i was so good at recycling that i realize now i no longer have those recycled plastic bags from the groceries to use for garbage.. and now i must buy garbage bags!!! somehow to me it seems like a never ending battle.. a merry go around ... and i wonder some days if my little bit is really doing any good......