Friday, September 29, 2006

Crackerjacks and Crackpots

I just HAVE to get my mind off politics for a little while, especially after the revelations on today's news. This whole government is either corrupt, blind, hapless, downright criminal, or is pedophiliac. I think a coup is in order. We need new elections altogether, starting from scratch. Throw them ALL out, and lock up most of them. Tell the new hopefuls to remember ONE thing, and ONE thing only; you are here to SERVE! This isn't your own private Idaho.

The weather is starting to cool down, and hopefully, so will my electric bill. I'm so thankful that the elections are coming up, it's done wonders for gas prices. I'm not spending the windfall, though. I know damn well what will happen as soon as the ballots are cast.

Speaking of ballots, these wonderful new electronic voting machines don't seem to be accomplishing much as far as fair elections are concerned. Down here they ran out of democratic ballots all of a sudden. Where there's a will, there's a way.....

Well, I got rid of alot, if not all, of my stuff that's been taking up closet space here in the castle. Being poor and stuck on the farm means half my wardrobe has been hiding away in the dark, playing moth-bait, so that half went to the Salvation army. I'm keeping my Navy Crackerjacks, though. I love to brag about still being able to wear them, and I have to keep them on hand just in case I need to back that up. Plus, I need to keep them on hand in case the Republicans remain in power and get us into a nuclear war. I'm sure they'll be dragging the bottom of the barrel for veterans by then and they'll need me to man a typewriter onboard any fast attack submarine that survives the initial exchange. Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be an iMac. IBM selectrics never had spellcheck.

The joint in my wife's poor little finger is ALMOST healed now. She's been delightfully playing with it, showing me how nice and solid it is, and I've been telling her to quit messing with it, and sure enough, the X-ray showed that it isn't quite fused solidly together just yet, and the surgeon told her I was right about not manipulating it like she does. You know that look without looking at you that wives' give ya when the expert backs you up? I got that.

I nervously performed some major surgery on this external firewire hard drive of mine, switching out the old 60 gig drive inside with the old 80 gig drive I gingerly ripped out of my old, dead, and dearly departed Blueberry iMac. It's working like a charm and is equal in capacity to the hard drive inside my new iMac, so now I can use it for backing up my data in case my luck holds steady and smoke issues from the back of this one. If I wasn't so smart, I'd be a genius!

I am in awe with the great posts I've been treated to by the likes of H.E., The Frontier Editor, and the Buffalo. Buffalo is making me kind of sad, in a way, as I see him evolve from a kick-ass, forget the names patriot, to one who has lost his country right before his eyes. I love this guy, because his common sense and awareness of the world around him has allowed him to question and re-evaluate many things he might once have held concrete and dear to his heart, in favor of the cold, hard truth, which can be liberating in so many ways. It doesn't make it any less painful, though, and I can see it come through in his words, his anger, his frustration. You didn't lose America, Buf, it's right there in your heart, where it always was. Welcome home, Brother.

A recent poll says that 6 out of 10 Iraqis approve wholeheartedly with attacks on American troops. We need to bring our boys home. They did their best under impossible circumstances, made impossible by the worst administration ever to hold office in this country. Bring them home, PLEASE!

After comment addendum: I would like to assure Buf that he's right, my hat was never flat...........


Buffalo said...

There is no way in this universe that you are old enough to have worn a flat hat!

You are correct. We need to bring our troops home NOW. They have done their job with honor and valor in spite of the circumstance. Good all over them.

Thanks, Michael.

Davo said...

Unfortunately, you CAN'T "take your troops out now." No exit strategy. Meltdown all over the place. Am glad to see that the "Leaders of the free world" have a firm grip on foreign policy .. heh heh... heh.

Apart from that, my best wishes to the sensible people in the USA.

The Michael said...

Well, OK, I give you that much, Davo. No, we rapidly divide that sorry excuse for a country into three seperate ones, make a deal to keep a few bases in New Kurdistan to aid in their protection, and THEN get the hell out. The Kurds love us, despite the fact we betrayed them and even provided Sadam the gas to kill them with. Shia Iraq already belongs to Iran, might as well let them pay the price for it. As for the Sunni's......they can either stay put and hope the Shia don't try and take them out, or just evacuate to Syria to join their Bathest brethren there. No sense in sacrificing any more American soldiers to the Bush docrine after that.

Homo Escapeons said...

Wow you and fronty are both old salts..
I am in awe of people who actually perform surgery on their 'puters...YIKES!
I don't have the patience and I am physically unable to comprehend manuals...'nuff said.

BRING 'EM HOME. I find it hard to believe that so many people in your country want this to end and it seems utterly impossible to stop the Rovian Propaganda Machine from steamrolling over the wishes of Mr and Mrs Front Porch America.

What a great day for the entire free world when we watch Dubya wave goodbye for the LAST time...I can see it now..three steps up into the chopper and there it goes....